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Recruiting Specialists since 1977

Hudson Shribman has a long-established reputation as leading STEM recruiters, pro-actively sourcing and engaging engineering and scientific professionals across Engineering & Manufacturing, Science, Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Technology & Electronics.


We have been working with specialist industries hiring niche skills since 1977. Our clients expect us to understand their industry but also their company & employer value proposition. We know that our expertise sets us apart from the pack,  continuously building upon this knowledge base in order to maintain our “Subject Matter Expert” status.


Being open and transparent in everything we do is expected throughout our company. We believe that it promotes the foundation for long-lasting relationships.  We tell it how it is, we are always upfront about everything we do and value constructive feedback from staff, candidates and clients. We use the Reckona app to calculate rates so the figures are clear to everyone.


Communication is key,  we know how frustrating it is when you feel left in the dark. We ensure that all parties are kept appraised at all times. To that end, teams are always available because we know that hiring can be a fast-moving business.

Working in high-security industries

Hudson Shribman works with companies and organisations requiring security clearance at all levels. We screen candidates carefully…..

Read more about our security and clearance procedures.

Sourcing candidates with specialist skill-sets

For most roles, there is a pool of candidates with the relevant skills and experience, but sometimes we are asked to fill roles that are so specialist that only a few people worldwide fit the bill. Over decades we have built networks of specialists and know where to look for experts with unique skill-sets.

Global sourcing of expert talent

Our clients often require world-class experts and need to attract talent from across the globe. We keep fully up-to-date with ever-changing visa requirements and ensure recruitment practices are fully compliant with both UK and International laws. Contact us if you have any questions regarding hiring internationally.