Looking to the future with dynamic electronics recruitment

Pre-pandemic, the UK electronics sector had experienced the fastest growth of any UK manufacturing sector.  Despite representing less than 5% of UK manufacturing output, the sector generated an impressive £19.4bn in turnover and £8.4bn in gross value added (GVA) in 2017. Post-pandemic,  this fast growth of cutting-edge products to drive increasingly powerful and smart digital technologies has led to increased demand for all levels of electronics professionals.

While there are a number of larger companies making their mark, most notably in the aerospace, defence and security sectors, it is also small to medium-size enterprises that are creating some exciting new technologies with significant employment opportunities, as new products move from initial conception to market introduction 

Here at Hudson Shribman, we aim to be at the forefront of providing diverse, established and emerging talent across the sector. 


Opportunities in Electronics

The Hudson Shribman electronics recruitment team support the following disciplines;

  • Research & Development
  • Planning, procurement & Manufacturing
  • Assembly, Quality & Maintenance

We provide electrical engineers and professionals with the following skillsets;

  • Design
  • Software & Electronics Design
  • Re-Work, PCB / SMT Inspection
  • Test, & Manufacturing Engineering
  • Skilled Technicians

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