Our Client Services

We are a leading STEM recruiter with over 40 years of experience sourcing professionals across Engineering & Manufacturing, Science, Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, and Technology & Electronics.

We supply SMEs, specialist start-ups and global brands with highly skilled engineers and trades in Research & Development, Planning & Procurement, Manufacturing, Quality and Service teams across the UK, Europe and the USA.

Working with Hudson Shribman has made my job considerably easier. Having a consultant who specialises in my industry and who understands our specific needs adds value to the services that they provide.

Our commitment to our clients


Our clients expect us to understand them, their company & employer value proposition.  We know that expertise sets us apart from the pack, continuously building upon this knowledge base is paramount in being a STEM specialist


Being open and transparent in everything we do is expected throughout our company. We believe that it promotes the foundation for long-lasting relationships. 


Communication is key, we know how frustrating it is when you feel left in the dark. We ensure that all parties are kept appraised at all times. To that end, teams are always available because we know that hiring can be a fast-moving business.

Developing talent attraction strategies

We work with companies that are at the cutting-edge of science, STEM and in particular engineering companies are constantly innovating. New products lines and technology are in need of new and developing skill sets.  Our strategies around talent attraction and recruitment as to meet those demands.

Clearance & security

Many of our customers also require additional support in vetting and background checks for potential hires.   Read more about our Defence and Security Clearance Procedures.

Please feel free to contact us about any of your recruitment requirements for a zero-obligation conversation.
Clients who need high security clearance candidates.