Pre-interview Nerves | Hudson Shribman

Calm those pre-interview nerves – our tips

Job interviews can be pretty stressful even for the calmest types amongst us. A lot rests on how you behave over a short period of time and however confident you are it doesn’t mean your heart won’t race. These are our tips for putting yourself in the best possible frame of mind for interview day.

Don’t prep directly before the interview

Doing some solid preparation for an interview is highly recommended but avoid stressing yourself out with hardcore revision directly before your interview. It’s different for everyone but we’d recommend stopping your prep the night before and spend the day of your interview focusing on your frame of mind and perhaps some light browsing of industry news.

Hold off the croissant and espresso

You want your brain working at peak performance. Sugary, fast-release foods may result in an energy slump and that’s really not ideal during your interview. Slow-release foods like porridge or a wholegrain salad will help steady your energy levels. If you’re waiting around for an interview it’s likely you’ll end up in a local coffee shop – don’t overdo the coffee. There’s a fine line between sharp caffeine-induced focus and the jitters of a cup too many.

Be prepared and always have a contingency plan

The worst thing for pre-interview nerves is to experience the journey from hell. Plan well. Ensure you have your outfit (and backup) ready, plan your journey carefully and assume the worst regarding traffic or public transport delays. Make the day of the interview as relaxing as it can be and try to have the day mapped out the day before. Arriving at an interview sweating and anxious is to be avoided at all costs!

Practice some stress-relieve techniques

How do you bust stress normally? Do you practice yoga or go for a run? Sometimes just a walk in the park is enough – engaging with nature can do wonders for the mind. Try to build some time pre-interview to do some of your normally stress-busting activities. If you suffer from anxiety pre-interview check out a few of these relaxation techniques from the NHS – some of these things can be achieved in the coffee shop around the corner from the interview. If nerves get the better of you have a series of exercises in mind to alleviate the worst of your fears.

Lastly, remember that job interviews are stressful but some can be really enjoyable and you should focus on the good experiences when you walk in that door.

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