Careers in Engineering

Exploring New Careers in Engineering

The world is changing fast and we’re recruiting new careers that didn’t exist 5 or even 1 year ago.  Although it’s exciting it can also be challenging to keep up and plan careers in engineering.  Within the world of engineering, these are a few of the avenues on the rise and could provide extraordinary career possibilities.

3D Printing

It’s been around for a while but in the last few years, the technology and therefore the applications have expanded considerably. 3D printing is being used across a range of fields, from medicine to aviation and even to fashion.  3D printing is certainly entering the mainstream.  IKEA has just released an ingenious range of furniture hacks to aid disabled customers which take the form of a download to 3D print ‘at home’.  As 3D printing advances and home equipment becomes more affordable the race is on to discover the key applications.


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are no longer the sole domain of gamers and techies.  VR and AR are being integrated into almost all aspects of everyday life.  The Royal London Hospital piloted a project to introduce remote surgeons via VR to the theatre.  This international team were able to assist the surgery with increased levels of interaction.  Schools are also trialling these technologies to demonstrate experiments and even to conduct field trips!

Green Careers in Engineering

It’s coming to crunch time and environmental considerations in engineering have moved from idealism to necessity.  From energy to materials a focus on sustainable engineering is exciting and very challenging.  Creating alternatives to fossil fuels, plastics and even meats is big business. 

Sustainability or environmental consultants with expert knowledge in their field are sought after and you can certainly carve a niche.  Recycled paper and LED bulbs don’t cut it anymore and a holistic approach is key.  Companies who don’t address their responsibilities are starting to look like dinosaurs and as legal restrictions tighten they may become obsolete. All careers in engineering will be addressing sustainability in some form or another.