Aerospace Career

Helping Your Aerospace Career Take Off

We’re here to support you in your aerospace career. Since our move to Farnborough, one of the leading hubs of aerospace in the UK, we have been reminded what a vital industry it is to our country. The UK is still one of the world leaders in aerospace and aviation. Approximately 128,000 people are directly employed in the industry with a further 153,000 working for companies that support the sector which is worth in the region of £31bn to the British economy.

There are several routes into the industry and if your passion lies in engineering, this is one of the most challenging and exciting sectors you could choose.

Apprenticeships in Aerospace

The industry offers some of the most impressive and sought-after apprenticeship schemes available. Compared with many other STEM sectors, aerospace has long-established and credible support for non-graduate workers. If you want to leave school at 16 or 18 and are interested in pursuing a career in engineering, aerospace is a great bet.

Lower skilled professions are generally better paid than in most industries and you can normally work up the ranks. The big players have exceptional schemes for promoting in-work education. Major organisations including BAE SystemsRolls-Royce and British Airways have well-respected apprenticeships and internship schemes.

Graduate Schemes

Want a well-paid graduate scheme that could propel you into the higher-echelons of engineering (or in fact, other business fields)? Aerospace is competitive but well worth the effort. If you’re soon to graduate watch out for the autumn deadlines for graduate schemes.

Most of the larger aerospace companies offer graduate schemes across the departments, including engineering, finance, business or leadership. If you want to work at graduate-level you need the academic credentials but the pay and career possibilities are certainly worth the punt!

Career Change to Aerospace

There are plenty of opportunities to move into the field. Companies are always after top talent and they have the luxury of picking from a wide range of industries. If you have a solid background in engineering, in R&D or in more general business fields, research the aerospace industry well and apply.

Well-funded companies are often, but not always, happy to take a chance on a talented individual that shows the intellect and motivation to succeed. Don’t feel constricted by your previous experience as most aerospace companies have the foresight to embrace transfers to the sector.